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Our Mission

We foster the strengths within youth and empower them to pursue a life without limits.

The Need

Research has shown that income is the most important predictor of a healthy life – even more important than lifestyle or genetics1. When people and families can afford the basics, such as food, education, access to quality health care, clothing and stable housing, they are more likely to be healthy.

Often referred to as the social determinants of health, these economic and social conditions affect our chances of achieving good health, and in some cases, life success. Without equal access, our life trajectories can differ dramatically.

For low-income families, the basics of life can be a daily struggle. Low-income youth face added, often devastating vulnerabilities and pressures on academic performance, relationships and physical and emotional health.

1. Mikkonen, J., & Raphael, D. (2010). Social Determinants of Health: The Canadian Facts. Toronto, Canada: York University School of Health Policy and Management.

Our Values

We are tireless in our commitment to youth

We radiate hope and opportunity

We strive to be better and inspire others to do the same

We believe in the power of camp and community

Our Method

We magnify the power of camp as a catalyst for change

We amplify growth by integrating with schools and community agencies

We sustain and deepen impact through repeated experiences

We measure results to inform and continually improve


Funding for our Foundation comes primarily from donations made by Tim Hortons restaurant owners, Tim Hortons Inc., many valued suppliers, individual donors, and public donations collected year-round in coin boxes in each Tim Hortons restaurant.

Camp Day
Our largest single fundraising initiative is Camp Day, a 24-hour period when restaurant owners donate the proceeds of all coffee sales and public donations to the Foundation.

Unsolicited donations
Please be advised that the Tim Horton Children's Foundation does NOT solicit donations door-to-door. If you are approached by anyone claiming to be collecting for the Tim Horton Children's Foundation, please decline and notify the police.

Make a donation today

Board of Directors


David Clanachan
Chairman of Restaurant Brands International Canada

Nicole Nakoneshny
Vice President, Strategy & Assessments and Editor, Philanthropic Trends Quarterly at KCI

Mark Trombley
Tim Hortons Restaurant Owner, Ontario

Amit Seth
Tim Hortons Restaurant Owner, Ontario

Gynette Smith
Tim Hortons Restaurant Owner, Ontario

Mark Angelini
Tim Hortons Restaurant Owner, Quebec

Tracy Allard
Tim Hortons Restaurant Owner, Western Canada

Brad Rixmann
Tim Hortons Restaurant Owner, Atlantic Canada

Jim Shaw
Tim Hortons Restaurant Owner, Atlantic Canada

Rob Eatough
Superintendent of Education, Halton District School Board


David Clanachan
Chairman of Restaurant Brands International Canada

Tabbassum Mumtaz
President and Chief Executive Officer for Ampex Brands, Inc.

Diana Ulsrud
Tim Hortons Restaurant Owner, USA

Financial Statements